How do we book you for our wedding?
A 30% non-refundable booking fee and signed contract is required upon confirmation of booking.


Do you do wedding videography?
I truly believe in maintaining only one core talent and strength. And that’s the reason why you engage with Daniel Yap Photography, otherwise it will be Daniel Yap Photography Videography….pretty confusing.


Payment term and method.
Payment method.Reservation fee (non-refundable/non-transferable) – 50% of total fee, 50% 2 weeks before the wedding/photography assignment.

PayPal (preferred)
Online banking transfer


What is mini portrait session that is mentioned in wedding package?
It is similar to pre-wedding or engagement portrait, however this is something really special that you want to have it for remembrance on your actual wedding day. The session is about 30mins, and I will guide both of you how to pose – making sure you look glamorous and great!


What is SDE (same day edit)?
It’s a slideshow for all photos taken on the actual day. Highlights of the preparation and ceremony are beautifully edited into a one-song highlights video ready to be shown during the reception dinner. There’s a certain wonder in the guests’ eyes as they watch what transpired earlier on. The couple gets a breather and actually gets a sense of what happened and a new awareness of their special day. Best of all, you will get the SDE disc immediately.


Who decides the song(s) for SDE or Photo Montage?
The songs selection will be done by Daniel Yap. All songs provided and played are from Triple Scoop Music. Triple Scoop Music is the premier music licensing service for photographers, videographers, and creative professionals! With world-class music collections include Grammy and Emmy winning artists, as well as acclaimed songwriters and musicians from around the globe. This ensure your wedding event flows smoothly throughout the night without any interruption from law enforcer. And lastly, we want to appreciate other artists for the wonderful songs.


What camera and equipment do you use?
Any camera gears and lighting equipment are just tools to capture the moment. What is really important is the person behind the camera decides how each tools produce the desired artwork. Still interested to know what we use? Well, here’s a few to list,

  • a few professional series full frame bodies, Canon 5Dmk3,
  • a wide range of Canon L lenses only,
  • very advanced radio frequency Speedlight flashes by Canon,
  • a great collection of light shaping tools from Lastolite, Phottix,
  • and a bunch of reliable and awesome Apple Mac Book Pro(s) and iMac.


Are the photos published in your website taken by you?
Once in a blue moon I do get this question 😛 Well, I can understand why as there are cases some unrighteous people uses another photographer’s photo works for their own benefit. So, this is a very good question to ask before signing up. My answer is…Most of the photos are taken by me, otherwise I will mentioned specifically they are taken by my Senior Photographers. All copyright reserves to Daniel Yap Photography.


Wow! You are more expensive than others. Why?
It’s about Quality of work, and Quality of services.Honestly saying, the photography packages are very competitive among other professional photographers in Malaysia. The quoted rate is the perceived value of the total work effort done. I take high regards on my work, and always continue investing in better equipment, technology and services to give you the best. I want to make sure you are 100% delighted before, during and after the photo shooting session, thus leaving a wonderful memory.